Thinking About Remodeling? Use Shorewest’s Kitchen Trend Forecast to Update Your Home

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Throughout the United States, kitchen remodeling is one of the top two jobs for large-scale home improvement. If you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen, look at these six trends from, a popular home improvement superstore.

  1. Modern look — More kitchens are now featuring modern styling, with large open-concept spaces that often merge with living areas and featuring clean simple lines.
  2. Hidden appliances — Many appliances are being tucked away, such as refrigerators or drawer-style dishwashers being hidden on kitchen islands or blended in using the same wood as cabinets.
  3. Great lighting — Mixed lighting, including recessed ceiling lights, track lighting and under-cabinet LED lights are becoming more popular.
  4. Islands: a center for everything — From entertaining to family dinner to homework, islands are becoming a huge part of kitchen life. This can remove the traditional dining room and give a home a place for eating and interacting within the kitchen.
  5. Hi-tech appliances — At-home master chefs are using professional equipment such as gas ranges and induction cooktops for a more gourmet experience.
  6. Glass backspalshes — both glass tiled mosaics and single-sheet, back-painted glass backsplashes are growing in popularity. They’re easy to clean and reflect the unique lighting choices we are seeing in today’s kitchens.

With remodeling on the rise for the first time in six years, now is a great time to update your kitchen. Use this trend forecast to help guide you towards a stylish eating area.

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