Shorewest Shares: How to Prepare Your Home For Spring After A Cold Winter

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Let’s be honest — we have been counting down the days to spring since January. With record low temperatures and wind chills, we all have been waiting for the day the snow melts, and we don’t have to wear a jacket. Winter weather is also very damaging on our homes as well. Here are 10 tips to make sure your home is ready for spring and also for showings!

Get your roof inspected. If your roof has loose, warped or missing shingles, call a professional. As April showers bring May flowers, you don’t want a hole in your roof — and find out too late. Double check your chimney and skylight seals as well.

Clean and repair your gutters. If your gutters are blocked or loose, they can allow water into your home.

Look for leaks. Start by looking under your sink. If your pipes froze in the winter, there’s a good chance they will leak as they start to thaw. Check your water heater for signs of corrosion. Your washing machine should also be checked.

Clear exterior drains. To prevent backups, remove leaves from exterior or underground drains to make room for spring showers.

Inspect siding. With the wind chill reaching record lows, check your siding for pieces that might have fallen off.

Check door and window seals. It’s important to check your door and window seals to ensure they remain watertight.

Patch cracks in your driveway. As the ground begins to thaw out and expand, your concrete can do the same. To keep water out, patch cracks in your driveway, sidewalks and steps.

Paint the exterior. If the exterior of your home looks like it has seen better days, try adding a new coat of paint. This will help protect your home from the weather, but also make it look nicer.

Inspect your air conditioner. Before the summer begins, hire a professional to check your air conditioner and filters. To view a list of Shorewest approved professionals, click here.

Check your landscape. Although it’s too cold to start working in the garden, check to ensure that your yard slopes away from your home. This will ensure moisture is kept away from your foundation — as cracks in your foundation can get pricey.

To hire a professional to help you prep your home for spring, contact Shorewest Home Services today! It’s never too early to list your home and by making sure this check list is taken care of will mean you are ahead of the game! #ShorewestRealtors #SellingYourHome #Spring

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