If You’re Thinking About Buying Next Spring, Don’t Wait!

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If you’re a determined buyer, now could be the best time for you to start looking for a new home. Here are some great reasons to start your home search this winter.

  • Motivated Sellers. Sellers who have listed their properties during the winter months are very serious about sellling. Motivated sellers understand that though there may be fewer buyers in the marketplace, sellers can take time to work with buyers and negotiate different scenarios. Home buying and selling means negotiating, and often meeting a seller’s perfect closing date can carry significant value and you may reap financial rewards.
  • Avoid the Rush. The spring brings a plethora of new home buyers to the market, which means a lot of buyers are vying for the same houses, as well as the time of real estate agents and mortgage professionals. With competition high in the spring and summer, buyers can pay more, lose out on good-value listings and have their offers rejected in favor of other buyers. During our colder months, you face less competition for homes and for time. You may be able to get more home for the money, and less busy real estate agents can give you more personalized attention.
  • Learn More About Your Property. There are many practical things you can learn while visiting a home in the off season. When you buy during warmer months, you may be subject to some surprises come winter. Here are some great things to look for.
    • Rain — see how the property’s drainage system works. Look for overflowing gutters or wet exterior walls and water damage. Does rainwater drain away from the house toward the street or sit in the yard?
    • Wind — learn about the drafts in the home. Do windows and doors leak air and need replacing?
    • Cold — how well does the furnace heat the whole house? Be especially observant in the bathrooms and second or third floors.
    • Snow — is the home well insulated? Well insulated homes will retain snow on the roofs, while ones that lose heat through the roof will show snow melting.
    • Noise — if you’re looking at townhomes or condominiums, you’ll be able to learn more about the noise near you during the holiday party season.

This winter, talk to a Shorewest real estate professional about becoming a more serious buyer to learn in-depth details about new properties and possibly purchase more home for your money.


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