Deter Pesky Squirrels

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Having a bird feeder is a highlight for many people’s summer fun. You never know how many beautiful feathered friends are going to be visiting you each day, so it is important to make sure that your feeder is full to the brim with tasty snacks! But what do you do if squirrels invite themselves to a feast before the birds even get a chance? Thankfully, we have plenty of tips to try before the season ends.

Up, Up and Away

Let’s point out the obvious: birds have wings and squirrels don’t. If you want to make your bird feeders hard to reach, make sure that they are up high and are hanging far enough away from your home or any trees to make it hard to reach. Follow the “5-7-9” rule for your best chance at success: 5 feet off the ground, 7 feet away from homes and 9 feet below high branches. If you can find a spot like this in your yard, your bird feeder is sure to be safe from hungry squirrels!

Add a Bit of Spice

Squirrels do not like spicy things, just like many humans. Thankfully, birds can’t taste the difference! Look into purchasing spicy birdseed to fill your feeders. This is one of the easiest ways to make your feeder unappealing to curious squirrels. Approach this option with a bit of caution, though! Some types of birds can experience eye irritation from the spice added to birdseed, so be sure to do plenty of research before you put this option into practice.

Baffle the Squirrels

Have you ever heard of the term “squirrel baffle”? These seemingly silly, wobbly pieces of metal sit on your bird feeder’s pole, and provide a slick, smooth surface that is near impossible for squirrels to latch onto. Baffles work by discouraging squirrels from trying to go further up your feeder’s pole, providing a shield of sorts. These are a relatively popular option for preventing bird feed stealing squirrels and you can purchase them at most home and garden stores!

Squirrel Snacks

One of the easiest ways to keep squirrels from going after your birdseed? Offer another option! Place a snack like peanuts or corn on the cob in a feeder designated for squirrels to keep them occupied. Once they see their favorite snacks readily available, they will have no interest in bothering the bird’s supply. Just make sure to stay on top of filling their feeder! If you keep it empty for too long, the bird feeder will be back on the menu.

No matter what method you pick for keeping squirrels out of your bird seed, make sure you make a humane and harmless choice. Avoid glue traps, poison and greasy products like petroleum jelly. Squirrels are just doing what squirrels do一scavenging for food! By keeping these pesky critters safe and healthy, you’re helping the ecosystem in your yard to thrive. You never know what creatures might stop by to visit! 

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