What about the Wall Paper?

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We see houses with wallpaper every day. Sometimes it is as simple as a border in a room, and other times it is the whole house. Does having wallpaper hurt your chances of receiving an offer? Couldn’t the Buyer just write a contingency into their offer asking the Seller to remove it? Or better yet, won’t most Buyers love the wallpaper just as much as the Seller?

Most Sellers love the wallpaper on their walls, and do not want to have it removed. Why should they remove something that has brought them so much joy? Their house won’t be as attractive without the wallpaper. What if they don’t receive any offers? They will have taken down the wallpaper for no reason. Their thought process tells them that the new owners can simply remove it after the closing.

The Buyers think differently. Why should they bother asking the Seller to remove the wallpaper when there are a 100 other houses out there to chose from? What if the Seller will not take the wallpaper down, how many layers of the stuff are underneath? What if they buy this house and start taking off the wallpaper & discover it wasn’t applied correctly, or it is very old and comes off in tiny little pieces? They see the wallpaper and cross that house off of their list.

Here is our suggestion: Take the wallpaper down! If you do not want to do it yourself, there are professionals that will do it for you. One of our Sellers recently had her friends come and help remove wallpaper from the dining room & kitchen – it took less than 24 hours to remove the wallpaper and paint the space. Another Seller hired a man to remove six rooms of wallpaper and paint afterward. The project took four days and the walls look great! If you still aren’t sure about taking it down, ask your Realtor to be honest and not worry about your feelings. Most of us would agree that the wallpaper has to go.

The Kuchta’s, Kelly & Colleen

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