To Compete in this Market, You Need An Edge – The Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation EDGE

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In this housing market, with interest rates on the rise and more buyers than there are houses available, you need an edge to make your offer stand out amongst the competition — The WMC EDGE. 


The WMC EDGE is Wisconsin Mortgage’s  commitment to creating an exceptional customer experience, and it starts with our hassle-free pre-approval. Your pre-approval is essential in this market because you need to know how much house you can actually afford before you submit an offer. Plus, it proves to the seller that you’re qualified, willing and able to buy their home.


Got questions? Your Loan Officer is just a phone call away! With over 235 years combined experience,

our friendly and knowledgeable Loan Officers are here for you 24/7 to answer any questions, update your pre-approval in response to market changes, and then guide you through the entire process to get you to the closing table ON TIME.


For over 35 years, we’ve nurtured relationships and honed our processes so that your loan commitment is obtained as efficiently as possible. That’s the value in having processing, underwriting, title, and closing ALL under one roof. Sellers recognize and trust in that, too, and that’s The WMC EDGE that will get your offer noticed and accepted!


As your local, family-owned mortgage expert, we are confident The WMC EDGE will get you in to your new home as efficiently and worry-free as possible. Give us a call or visit us online today to get started!


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