Shorewest Shares: 10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

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It’s important to get ready for spring: clearing out your winter wardrobe, deep cleaning everything and getting your landscape ready. Here are 10 simple spring cleaning tips:

1. Sell. As the weather gets warmer, have a garage sale and sell your unwanted things.

2. Donate. Take some of your unwanted things to a local charity.

3. Trash. If you have larger items that can’t be sold or donated, don’t let them take up space in your garage. Check with your local city and see when there is a large trash pickup.

4. Clean. Spring cleaning goes beyond your normal cleaning. Move furniture and clean underneath or behind. Pull back the blinds and clean the windows. Wash your comforter.

5. Scrub. Scrub your shower, scrub your carpets and scrub your windows! Now’s the time to clean those areas that need some TLC.

6. Organize. Clean out your closets and dressers! Make a sell, donate, trash pile and go through all of your clothes and shoes. You may find some items you might have forgotten about.

7. Renew. If you have an old chair or couch that you couldn’t sell at your garage sale, try renewing it. There are great tutorials and how-to’s on Pinterest.

8. Plant. Spring is the time to plan your garden! For great gardening tips, check out our 13 ways to prepare your garden for spring while it’s still winter.

9. Update. Update your front door with a new coat of paint. Update your mail box.

10. Upgrade. Upgrade your bathroom or vanity. If your living room looks like a war zone, upgrade your furniture.

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