A Deal is a Deal is a Deal?

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In the world of online shopping Cyber Monday reigns supreme. It is hard to find another day during the year that people can take advantage of the kinds of deals that are available during this Internet sensation.  But which deals are the best? They all look about the same but if you take a closer look, there are some distinct deals that are better than others.

We can take this and easily apply it to real estate. Renting and home owning look like they are about the same, both parties pay an amount each month towards their place of living. But there is a distinct difference in that homeowners are paying for their own mortgage, and renters are paying for their landlord’s mortgage.

Homeowners also have the luxury of knowing exactly how much they will be paying month to month with a fixed rate mortgage. Renters on the other hand may experience an increase in their rate of rent every year without control of how much and when. It is also good to point out that while homeowners are increasing their own equity year to year, renters are working on their landlord’s equity.

The bottom line is that homeownership and renting may look like they are about the same, but there are some distinct differences that make homeownership stand out. Plus it’s hard to beat the feeling of being in your own home after you’ve just scored the best deals on Cyber Monday! If you think you are ready to start looking for homes in your area, contact a Shorewest agent today! #Shorewest #ShorewestFamily #MondayMotivation #CyberMonday

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